Hey there! I’m Madison, better known as Madi; a thirteen-year-old homeschooled professional blogger, YouTuber, minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and devil butt-kicker! I am committed to sharing the phenomenal love of Jesus and fulfilling the Great Commission and started MadiGrace.org to chronicle my life, journey, and travels of doing so.

Though proudly Texan born, I live with my wonderful mom and dad, older sister, and younger brother in Florida, USA. Our family ministry is Power of God World Outreach, and together we kick the devil’s butt on an everyday basis. Professionally.

Madi Grace Ministries is my personal ministry and I’m excited to see where God takes it. You can learn more about this blog here or read on to learn more about me!

My God-glorifying hobbies include…

Reading, writing, dancing, acting, singing, crafting, sewing, anything artsy, anything musical, gymnastics, photography, film production, graphic design, doll collecting, and talking. 😉 Ah, yes, and I get a kick out of kicking the devil’s butt (pun intended).

101 Things You Might Not Know About Me:

  1. I’m thirteen years old
  2. My birthday is June 27th
  3. I wear glasses
  4. I have Invisalign
  5. I’m about 5’5″
  6. I just finished writing my first novel and am planning the second book in the trilogy series
  7. My favorite color is aquatic mint / electric turquoise (the lightest color on my header’s gradient)
  8. I lived in Texas until December 2014, when we moved here to skyrocket our ministry
  9. I’ve been to Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida, soon to go all over the world
  10. I’m stubborn
  11. I’m a drama queen (or so my friends and siblings say…)
  12. I love being dramatic (which is probably why they say I’m a drama queen) 😄
  13. I see things from the big picture
  14. I am madly in love with God and God is madly in love with me (sorry, boys)
  15. I like being sarcastic
  16. People call me funny, but I really think they just like laughing at me and my patheticness
  17. Nice people and little things make my day so much! ❤️
  18. It’s extremely easy to make my day, make me smile, or make me laugh (unless, that is, we’re playing the no laughing game, in which case I win every time 😄)
  19. In real life, I’m an extremely outgoing and crazy person once you get to know me but for some reason decide to be shy and quiet in 75% of other circumstances. Now how does that work?
  20. I’m very competitive when I’m not deciding to be shy
  21. I am fearfully and wonderfully made
  22. I am healed of every sickness and disease
  23. I am awesome, but if I said that I’d sound conceited. Hey… wait a- 😳
  24. I’m a narcissist XD
  25. I overthink things 😛
  26. I’m quite the perfectionist
  27. I like organizing but I’m not too good at staying organized 😄
  28. I do an insane amount of laughing. My missionary friend says that if I had to spend an entire year on an island without anyone else, he thinks I’d be just fine ’cause I make myself laugh so much 😄
  29. I love to burst out in song at random moments, much to the chagrin of those around me. Not many people can stand my spontaneous ditties about random things / moments or my covers of whatever is stuck in my head, probably because I sound like a cow being slaughtered
  30. I love and have a ton of inside jokes
  31. I love to have fun. (It’s a good thing I’m in the ministry, then, because it’s the most fun thing in the world)
  32. I love music, especially Christian pop / dance and dramatic / epic / inspirational instrumental tracks 😄
  33. I’m crazy. You have to be crazy to be able to do what I do.
  34. I love my friends and make friends everywhere
  35. Jesus healed me from incurable juvenile idiopathic / rheumatoid arthritis and I’m just walking my healing out. Doctors spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and tried everything they could from steroid shots to weekly cancer-patient-medicine injections, but Jesus is my Doctor
  36. I have a very big imagination and love to daydream
  37. I’ve memorized 150+ Bible verses
  38. I’ve read through the entire Bible twice
  39. I can recite the Old and New Testament books in order
  40. I love to travel
  41. I’ve flown on an airplane many times
  42. I’ve lived in an RV
  43. I just can’t stop praising His Name
  44. I used to wish my name was Cynthia when I was 8-10 years old
  45. I’m extremely compassionate
  46. But I’m definitely not weak
  47. I’ve grown my hair out long to make wigs for cancer patients twice
  48. Babies love me! 😄 I used to want to be a babysitter / nanny while being an author in my spare time when I grew up
  50. But when I’m not being dramatic about it, I don’t give in to it
  51. I’m not spoiled, just blessed. I believe that God wants me to prosper and that’s exactly why I’m prosperous. You can’t receive what you won’t believe!
  52. Life is deathly afraid of me. It tried to give me lemons once and I responded by squeezing lemons in its eyes and punching it in the face. I think I got a butt-kick in there, too.
  53. I’m an Apple fan (boo Samsung! Juuust kidding 😄)
  54. Which is why I own an iPhone 7, iPod Touch, iPad Mini, Mac Mini, and MacBook Pro
  55. If you think I’m bragging, you’re gravely mistaken. I didn’t realize 101 facts about myself would be this tricky to come up with!
  56. I love to read but don’t own many books (libraries. They’re awesome.)
  57. I’ve performed in one musical and many plays
  58. I love to produce films and make movies with my friends. Acting is so fun!
  59. Most of what I’ve learned about grammar came from reading books and picking up things, not from my schooling
  60. I admire a lot of people 😊
  61. My close friends call me The Bottomless Pit… and they’re right. I can eat.
  62. I’m pretty bad at choosing favorites
  63. Which is why I can’t choose a favorite song, or movie, or TV show, or food, or practically anything
  64. My favorite book (besides the Bible, duh 😄) is the first novel I wrote
  65. I love dramatic quotes, witty quips, awesome mic drops, and epic one-liners
  66. I take everything personally
  67. I’m very opinionated but never seem to have an opinion around people whose feelings I don’t want to hurt… funny how that works. I’m working on that.
  68. I hope you’re not rolling your eyes at me, though you probably already have 😄
  69. I get embarrassed very easily 😳
  70. But I’m good at recovering. Most of the time.
  71. I’ve loved chocolate before I realized that it is a stereotypical thing to love
  72. I strive for excellence in every area of my life because I represent the King of Kings
  73. Guess how much slack I cut myself? NONE! 😄
  74. My favorite words are poopenburgen, phenomenal, catawampus, and perpendicular. (Don’t ask).
  75. Crushes? Oh no, I don’t go there.
  76. Boyfriends? I definitely don’t go there.
  77. I hate getting interrupted. It’s one of my worst pet peeves ever. I’ll be all focused and into something with a huge deadline and then someone walks up and starts talking to me and I’m just like “CAN’T YOU SEE I’M BUSY?” 😄 My family knows this well. 😄
  78. I have a weird sentimental connection to certain things and places… ahh, nostalgia.
  79. I love dance and have taken tap, jazz, ballet, and lyrical. I wanted to take acro this year but the class disappeared, so now I’m not doing anything 😩
  80. I like smiley faces, as you can probably tell
  81. I love gymnastics and have taken it at three different gyms – floor was my favorite event so that’s why I wanted to try acro
  82. I used to be able to do the right splits all the way down, but… I got busy and forgot to keep doing them
  83. My middle name is something my dad saw in my eyes when I was a baby – God’s grace
  84. I really don’t like being called a city slicker and will go to crazy measures to prove I’m not
  85. I don’t like being assumed lazy, either, just because I do media stuff 😛
  86. I know I’ve gotten an adequate amount of sleep by whether or not I can remember my dream in the morning
  87. I’ve pulled one all-nighter
  88. I am a professional doll collector
  89. I am the most annoying person in the world
  90. I used to paint my nails a lot but then stopped because I didn’t have a lot of time. I just painted my nails for the first time this year so I could take professional-looking pictures for Madi Grace! XD
  91. I’m not a “tomboy,” so to speak, but more of a “tomboy in a tiered skirt.” I love going on adventures, climbing trees, doing daring things as well as accepting dares as long as I look fabulous the entire time. Not that I succeed at doing that.
  92. When I say accepting dares, I mean accept the reasonable funny ones. I don’t do stupid things like jump off a building XD
  93. I like group games… when I’m with people I actually like.
  94. I used to absolutely hate jeans but now I really like them (as long as they’re skinny)
  95. I feel sad when other people feel sad and everything in me wants to make them feel better
  96. I like the bad guys in movies and stories, and I usually play the evil villain in all the games I play 😄
  97. I like wearing makeup and just use foundation / coverup and lip gloss as of right now, but I’ll probably move to mascara and blush soon even though that means more time getting ready 😛
  98. I love to give! Blessing people and being generous seriously makes me SO happy. It also helps that I’ve preached quite a few offering messages. XD
  99. I think of epic one-liners and mic-drops at the right moment about… 0.001% of the time. I think of epic one-liners and mic-drops days later in the middle of the night about… 99.999% of the time.
  100. I have hilarious responses to situations. Like my family might call “Love you!” as I’m walking away and I’ll say something weird off the top of my head like “You’re welcome!” *smacks forehead* Yeah, you’re welcome for loving me… that makes so much sense. 😛 And then other times I’ll actually say something funny that makes people laugh at me, like a randomly bursting out “Well cut the cake and call me puddin’!” when I get unexpectedly creamed in a game of Scrabble. XD
  101. I kick the devil’s butt. Professionally.

Whew! If you survived this page, let me know! Just hit like (if the button is there…) and drop a comment below. You’re awesome!