Important Announcement

Hey, you! Today I've got an important announcement to share. Thus declareth my parents: I have to take a break from writing and blogging, for hopefully no more than eight weeks. WHY? I have physical and mental burnout. Since I started blogging and writing seriously in 2016, I've been running at a breakneck pace. Fast [...]

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Just Kidding We Still Have An Identity Crisis so I Changed it Again + My New Writing Blog

JUST KIDDING I LIED MADI GRACE STILL HAS AN IDENTITY CRISIS. I think this always happens. I think I'll have something figured out, and then nope! Curveball. Swoosh. Out of nowhere. Seriously, why do I never see these things coming? This time it's between undefeated lifestyle posts and writing posts. They're just too different. ☹️ to infinityyy [...]

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🐐 Attack of the Assassin Goats 🐐

Good morning, afternoon, or evening. It is us -- a legion of goat assassins and a division of the Murder Madi Corp -- out to end the notoriously self-conceited and lame Madison Lorfing. You see, she thinks she is the best person in the world. The toughest, most dramatic, most amazing. She could never be more wrong, [...]

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