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It was a dark and stormy night... Wait, no it wasn't. It was just dark and humid. And it wasn't night, it was morning. Trying that again. It was a dark and humid morning... I was up at an early hour... writing answers to questions that shall appear nowhere else but on Questionable Tortoise Couture! [...]

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Just Kidding We Still Have An Identity Crisis so I Changed it Again + My New Writing Blog

JUST KIDDING I LIED MADI GRACE STILL HAS AN IDENTITY CRISIS. I think this always happens. I think I'll have something figured out, and then nope! Curveball. Swoosh. Out of nowhere. Seriously, why do I never see these things coming? This time it's between undefeated lifestyle posts and writing posts. They're just too different. ☹️ to infinityyy [...]

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No More Identity Crisis for Madi Grace!

Ahh, I'm so relieved. Allow me to explain. Ever since Madi Grace existed, it always had an identity crisis. Nobody knew what would be shoved down their throat next: writing snippets or undefeated Christianity. I just couldn't part with my passion for sharing God's Word in a unique way. ... Just like I couldn't part with sharing [...]

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