Now Introducing the New Warfare WIP Page

I haven't slept in 33 and a half hours. I've had enough caffeine equivalent to three large cups of coffee and pulled an all-nighter. I'm no more insane than I usually am, though. 😏 I was also able to schedule two posts, finish the last 10k of research organization, give names and descriptions to all my nameless characters, and solve [...]

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Annihilate Your Research with These 10 Awesome Tips

Why am I posting about research in December? Everyone is either celebrating their win of NaNoWriMo, finishing their novels, editing them, or can't-even-bear-to-look-at-them. Nobody's researching anything. My timing is the best, I know. ^ I finished my scene outline on the 18th, and now the weeks ahead of me promise days of perusing through my list of research [...]

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