I was able to start on my scene outline a day (got the first scene outlined yesterday! Took me four hours because of the scene question template I had to type up, but hey) early due to being able to do most of my research after the scene outline!

(I got some really cool ninja and samurai study books from the library, and even one on the Edo period, which is the time period I’m re-imagining for the series. I’m doing legit research now. 😂)

Screenshot of the ninja book I’m currently studying: Ninja by Adrienne Lee. Yes, I stole copyrighted content and am reposting without permission. Hunt me. 

(Why am I re-imagining the time period? Historically, the art of ninjutzu DIED around 1600. Gasp. So in my re-imagination of the time period, the art was started back up again in time to have a full-blown generation or two of shinobi and kunoichi by 1680, when a new emperor took the throne, which is a reeeally huge plot point in the book. I’d tell you the other reason I’m having to add to history, but that would spoil the entire series for a particular group of people in my audience I’m gearing this towards.)

(Where was I again? I think I always do this, elaborate on tangents forever.)

(Oh yeah!)

Also stolen from Ninja by Adrienne Lee.

If you’re interested, here’s an EXCLUSIVE link just for you to view the first three scenes I’ve outlined!

Before you leave annoyed comments about how I’m a self-conceited airhead who thinks everyone is interested in my stuff because I totally must believe I’m the awesomest person ever: Please. Keep in mind I’m only sharing this because I know I’d personally love to read anybody’s first three outlined scenes. I’m a curious, inquisitive person, not a fangirl. This is for if you’re curious like me! I don’t expect you to be interested. XD

(People get upset over the most trivial of miscommunications, it’s hilarious. I have to include little “keep this in mind” notes in almost every post because I have a really big tendency to offend people. >:))

Link to Outline of First Three Scenes

Also stolen from Ninja by Adrienne Lee.

If you do wanna check it out, you might want to keep in mind that it probably won’t make a lot of sense to you. I abbreviate stuff, throw in notes only I would understand, and talk about a lot of plot structure stuff 98% of writers I’ve talked to have no idea about.

AKA: I’m weird. Really weird. And so is this snippet. So BEWARE.

It’s also copyright ©myself, so if you want to steal it, go ahead and claim it as your own. But you’ll have to watch your back for the rest of your life. I’ll hunt you down, I mean it. >:)

What’s your favorite way to outline? How’s NaNoWriMo treating you, if you’re participating? Or are you not a writer and hate all of my writing posts?

Praying for you today! <3 Big surprises for Madi Grace coming up soon.