Sorry. I dunno what’s up with the title. I just jump at the chance to make things as dramatic as possible. No excuse for me.

I’ve actually been back since the fourteenth but am only now making a post! Very typical of me. I just like defying common sense sometimes.

Nah, I’ve been busily working on the revision of my novel. It’s so much work, guys. But worth it.

More on that in another post, though. I’m here to recap my hurricane evacuation trip in the most dramatic way possible.

^ I had just finished my first Floridian homeschool P.E. class, which I’m convinced is the death of me. I’ve taken multiple P.E. classes in Texas before, and I knew I’d have to face one in Florida eventually.

(I had my third one last week and this Muslim boy died and talked smack about my 25 attempts to hit the ball in softball.)

((That’s okay, though. I’m friends with the Muslim girls and I have secret plans to witness to all of them since I’m the only person who will be a real Christian and talk to them. >:) ))

Where was I again?

Ah yes. Had finished my first P.E. class when BAM! Gotta go home and prepare house for Irma and then get ready to possibly evacuate? What in the world? Hours upon hours of packing all my stuff in boxes and putting it up high, packing to leave, boarding up the windows…

… led to this!

Uh, no, not the mocha frappe, though that was a very vital and important part, I assure you.

… led to the evacuation, I mean! There’s me and the crucial mocha frappe. You can’t evacuate the state without some rocket fuel.

I wrote another novelette? Novella? What’s the minimum word count for each? Might be a short story… in the car and finished it at the place we stayed at. And who knew my mom had chocolate bars on the ready? I couldn’t believe my luck.

Wanna know how much research I do for my “historical fiction” novel? ^ Eat at sushi restaurants!

Juuuust kidding. I actually do research.

Le Coke! Couldn’t miss this. This was at the worst Chinese restaurant ever. The best thing there was my meal which my family continually demanded bites of since theirs stank—and of course, Coke.

We evacuated to Houston. Look at all the Harvey destruction.

^ Trailer park still under water! 😮

And some random pictures.

Thanks to my sister’s hand for being a cool prop.

Finishing up my short story at my cousins’ house. 17k. SUCH. FUN.

Their neighborhood has a park, and I wanted to take some pictures. I really like this one. Who says you can’t take great pictures with an iPhone? 90% of all these photos were taken with my iPhone. I have a post coming up sometime in the future AKA not now soon with some tips for iPhone photography.

Evil anthill.

We went to Lakewood Church on the Sunday we were still there. It was awesome.

We went to the early service, so the place was only about half full.

Driving to Dallas to see more fam and friends, I took a lot of photos of random things. Including my sister.

Don’t tell her I posted this.

Want Coke floats on the go? Now you can! Just fill your cup with Coke and swirl in that soft-serve vanilla ice cream. Bam. I thought my brother was quite smart for figuring this out, so I took a picture to remember it.

Hotel wall with teeny-tiny bokeh.

We stayed at the exact same hotel on the going and returning trips to Florida. They had this really cool decoration in the breakfast area.

Tada! iPhones can take great photos.

Not that I’m saying these photos are good. That would sound prideful. If you think they’re good, credit goes to working with whatever cam you have on hand. If you think they’re not good, credit goes to my terrible photography anyway.

The morning of returning home—look how much the sun shone through this hotel window! 😮

*sniff* One last Coke at the only Whataburger in Florida.

Aaaand we’re back! Even though the eye of the hurricane passed eight miles by our house so we got its outer bands, God was great and we only had two sections of our fence down and a bunch of limbs to pick up.

Well. That wasn’t very dramatic. I kind of threw that idea away after the first photo but really liked having the dramatic featured image. XD No excuse for me. Sorry.

Posts Coming Up sometime in the future aka not now Soon:

  • Novel Outlining Update / Progress / this title is a work in progress okay
  • Reign Summer Camp 2017
  • A Summer Recap / this title is also a work in progress
  • A Really Cool Video I Have Yet to Figure Out / this title is definitely a work in progress

I also just wanted to say thank you SO much to everyone who commented on my hurricane evacuation post, prayed for my family and me, and even emailed me! You guys are seriously some of the sweetest, most amazing people ever! Your comments really made my day. I feel so blessed. ☺️

What’s up?

Praying for you as always!