Oh my word! Guys! I just finished outlining the fiftieth scene of Warfare Book I! My entire scene outline is 27k! 😱


For each scene, I had to be aware of sixty questions. 60 x 50 = 3,000. And in ten days, I finished every single scene.

I literally thought I wasn’t going to be able to finish until the end of November, which was my goal. But I finished early! Now I can devote a few more weeks to research than I thought I was going to be able to get.

Now. *rubs hands evilly* Time to go down a day-by-day review of outlining those fifty scenes so I can shove some snippets down your esophagus!

Snippets are in quotes like these.

Day 1: November 9

Scenes Outlined Today: 1
Scenes Outlined Total: 1
Main Song Listened To: Dystopia Cinematic Underscore by Keith Anthony Holden

Yes. One. A measly one scene. I had to answer sixty questions for it, remember. My first time doing it.

Decision: As urged via Tori so Ari will leave her alone, go talk to Kira about her reluctance with the Masatoshi assassination.

You can actually view the entirety of my first three outlined scenes here!

Day 2: November 10

Scenes Outlined Today: 4
Scenes Outlined Total: 5
Main Song Listened To: Praise Over Problems by Planetboom

Ah, yes. Something better than a measly one. That’s more like it.

Rasako winces. “Better prison’s torture than my master’s torture.”

Technically, you’re not supposed to do any actual writing in the scene outline, besides maybe an appropriate line or two of dialog or description you think will work great. But… I’d spend fifteen minutes writing an awesome part just to get an idea of the scene’s feel. >:)

And that song, Praise Over Problems? I bought it that day. I think it’s the theme song for my entire ministry as well as this blog. Be sure to pay attention to the ♪ the enemy’s under my feet  line, and you’ll see what I mean. And click that link to check out the sample on iTunes. Then buy it.

Day 3: November 11

Scenes Outlined Today: 3
Scenes Outlined Total: 8
Main Song Listened To: Praise Over Problems by Planetboom

Hinoki has never seen shinobi before, much less caught one himself. Ari huffs. “You have [i]not[i] caught me.”

He comes up to her cell, and Haduson is all like, “Dude! Kiss him and grab the keys!”

“I’m doing you a favor. They treat you better here than Maruko will.”

I couldn’t get enough of Praise Over Problems. I listened to nothing else on days 10 and 11 while outlining. Because I looped it so much, my brain tuned out the lyrics, which are usually distracting for me when a song is new. After I’ve gotten used to a song, though, I can work pretty well with the words.

Day 4: November 12

Scenes Outlined Today: 9
Scenes Outlined Total: 17
Main Song Listened To: Praise Over Problems by Planetboom

He [Shirasu] gives half a smile. “It’s a hard concept to grasp, dying at only forty.”

Foreshadows: His DEATH. *Daraiasu’s. Hinoki will not be doing any physical dying. (Emotional, tho… >:))

Tori slaps him in the face. “Kunoichi warriors, idiot. We’re under Code same as you.”

Sorry. There are just so many quotable… quotes.

Day 5: November 13

Scenes Outlined Today: 6
Scenes Outlined Total: 22
Main Song Listened To: Praise Over Problems by Planetboom

At this, he releases his hold, and Ari stays kneeled by his side, unable to breathe. Did she just kill a man?

Hinoki laughs, too. “You have no idea what you just asked.”

Emotional Arc End: Strategic. 😏

Emotional Arc Beginning: Sneaky. Determined.

Goal: Get information abut gang of larcenists that the host’s son is a part of.

Conflict: Hinoki has noticed she is anxious to get away from him and thinks she’s trying to escape. And he has to look casual as well, and not dancing with his date looks really suspicious. So they dance. >:)

Whoops, now I’m just spoiling things.

Day 6: November 14

Scenes Outlined Today: 3
Scenes Outlined Total: 25
Main Song Listened To: If You Say Go (Grapishsoda Remix) by Blanca

Just when I got a wee bit tired of looping Praise Over Problems for an eternity, I bought another song. It’s so beautiful. It fit a lot of Ari’s scenes and personality. As I mentioned I do in this post, I imagined a lot of Warfare music videos to it, set in books IV-V. 😂

So he saves her, even risks his life for her, and takes her back to Seishin and co., where’s she’s captured again! Yay. *applauds*

Ari enters and asks about who he was, and after conversing for a little while, Hinoki almost kills her again.

Yimata stays out of it, for the most part, just watching. Then she gives Ari a piece of advice. “Are you going to let him kill you or are you going to do more than defend yourself?”

“I wasn’t trained to fight back. That’s not what I do.”

“That’s not how you fight a samurai, either.”

Oops, the spoilers. Moving on.

Scene #21—Hinoki Gives Ari a Reason to Hate Him

Oh, this scene is amazing.

“You tried to kill me.”

Hinoki grabs her clothing again and slams her against the wall. “You thought that was trying to kill you?” His dark eyes stab hers with a fury she can literally feel the heat of through his breath on her neck. “That was [i]nothing[i].”

But then humble Seishin crouches down to her and extends a hand to help her, and Hinoki is horrified. “No—master—I’m sorry, I’ll do it.”

But Ari takes Seishin’s hand instead of Hinoki’s and wipes her sleeve over her bleeding forehead. She dips her chest in a small bow. “Sir.”

He smiles at her. “My office, both of you.”

Day 7: November 15

Scenes Outlined Today: 5
Scenes Outlined Total: 30
Main Song Listened To: If You Say Go (Grapishsoda Remix) by Blanca

Scene #23—Hinoki Uses “Training” As A Excuse for Beating Ari Up

Heartbreaking, I assure you.

She’s a fool to fight against Hinoki. She’s going to die. Hinoki laughs. “Are you seriously crying? Do they train you like toddlers at your academy?”

He crouches down to her. “You pray to God?”

Ari hides her face from him even more. “If I confess I believe in the God of the Christians, will you kill me?”

Foreshadows: The fight moves used in the Climax so she doesn’t DIE.

We get the awesome foreboding feeling through tone and suspicion and SAHJFASDKLMF foreshadowing that something EPICALLY AWESOME AND HEHE SECRET and BAD is gonna happen.

Ari draws her sword in anger, not sure if she wants to swing it or not. Hinoki catches his breath and laughs, but he steps back and into the training yard. “What, is your sensitive soul going to try to hit me with that? What did I ever do to you?”

Ari looks away, hatred rising up to her heart and making it pound against her chest. “You made my master give up on me.”

Decision: Engage Hinoki in a fight to the death.

Yeah, real smart decision, Ari. A woman of your size against a man of his? *shakes head*

Day 8: November 16

Scenes Outlined Today: 4
Scenes Outlined Total: 34
Main Song Listened To: The Sickness (feat. Jordan Powers) by GAWVI

Really, really sad song, by the way. Imagined the most heartbreaking Warfare music video to it, featuring one of my characters with the most haunting backstory, Kira. But it was so dramatic and PERFECT. More perfect for Kira (♪ I need You to save me from myself ♪) than most of the scenes, but the dramatic sound of it fit well. And I love dramatic music. So I bought it. Much fun.

Through the way Hinoki’s voice trembles, I think he’s crying, too. “I blamed you for something you did not do. God judge me for it.”

My breath comes out in desperate gasps, but my sobs gradually slow. “If I could bring him back to you, I would.”


No spoilers.

Emotional Arc End: Ready to conquer. (you and me / we found adventure / I never dreamed that you would change my world forever / but here we are / I’m ready to conquer AWWW HINARI.)

Okay, just that one. Adventure by Matthew Parker is one of their theme songs. It fit perfectly with that scene.

Conflict: They run into Sir Creepy. Also known as Le Creepy Dude, also known as Mr. Creepy, also known as Creepy Guard the First. You know, we should really just shorten his name to Creepy.

The guards laughs. “Your wife? Last time I checked, she was single.”

“She’s actually not.”

“You’re just saying that to keep her from me. I know warriors like you aren’t allowed to marry.”

“If I see you again, I’ll crack your head.”

Sometimes I just want to say that to my little brother when he leaves my room to let me work on my scene outline in silence. 😌

(Just kidding.)

Decision: Treat him as her foe. She hates him now. But she appreciates his body heat. 😂😂  Wow

Scene #29—Bunch of Prep at Castle and Meeting of Advisors and Bodyguards Also Le First Ambush and K & R’s Attempted Kill of Ari Also this Title is Really Long, LE FIRST AMBUSH.

“Oh yeah? And who’s going to fight by your side and save your life?”

Ari smiles at him and says nothing.

Day 9: November 17

Scenes Outlined Today: 11
Scenes Outlined Total: 45
Main Song Listened To: The Sickness (feat. Jordan Powers) by GAWVI

I can catch a whiff of Maruko’s hatred for me in the air, even though Rasako said it wasn’t personal. Maruko’s heart and soul have attempted to bleed their way into Rasako’s desires, even though they aren’t really his. He wants to do exactly what his master wants, just as I want to do what my master wants.

But his master won’t be getting what he wants today.

Hinoki gently puts his fingers to her neck to feel her pulse, then exhales deeply and strokes her hair out of her face. “I had forgotten you’re fighting personal battles with Maruko as well.

Emotional Arc End: Disappointed. What did I do to make me like nothing to him again?

Ari looks up at him, her cheek throbbing. “What’s wrong with you?” She says softly. “Are you my friend or my enemy? Or are you going to be caught between the two forever?”

(No, I don’t switch tenses in my actual writing. I’m going to write the book in first person, present, but some of my scene outline writing tests are in third person, present so I don’t dive in too deep into writing when I’m supposed to be just outlining.)

Our faces are so close, if I moved just a little closer, I could kiss her. But I don’t. I close my eyes and try not to wince. She’s worried about me. She should be worried about herself and what I’m about to do to her.


Hinoki tightly wraps his arms around her frame and crushes her against his chest. I want to say so much to her right now. Things like I’m sorry.

Woah, what was that? I switched tenses in the middle of the sentence? Why, yes, your powers of observation are remarkable.

 Disaster: Yes, but disaster. She escapes to the missions school, skips church uncomfortably again, but two days later on Tuesday, August 20, gets caught about to cut her vein with a blade, contemplating suicide. She’s slipped into depression. She’s given up. The little thief child comes to her and grabs her hand, shooting a confused glance at the dagger over my wrist. “Come play with me!”

Ari has changed soooo much from the third draft of Loyalty Book I you guys beta-read for me. She was a Christian then. But then I CHANGED HER. It’s making a much more powerful story, I promise. The devil is dreading the day this gets published.

The missionary’s wife smiles. “You’ve found out the source of your worth?”

Ari looks back at the children, then back at the wife with a hardened, stubborn gaze. “Not Christ.”

But Ari is a stubborn little cinnamon roll.

Hinoki stands before his master and doesn’t flinch. “How observant of you, sir.”

Seishin gawks. “Ajin’omoto, I order you to stay put.”

Hinoki simply bows his reverence. “With all due respect, sir;” he straightens and looks his master straight in the eye. “No.”

And apparently, so is Hinoki.

Let’s just pretend I actually don’t have bad posture.

Day 10: November 18

Scenes Outlined Today: 5
Scenes Outlined Total: 50
Main Song Listened To: Final Battle by Jeff Broadbent and Light Up (Yachtclub. Remix) by MUTEMATH

Today was a struggle to find music. I needed something epic and amazing for the final five scenes to outline; three scenes of Climax awesomeness and then two of Resolution AWWWWness.

Which poses a problem when you’re kind of picky about music.

I downloaded like twenty epic drama scores from my stock music source, AudioBlocks, but nothing fit the mood I wanted the Climax scenes to have. Everything fairly good was stuff I had downloaded years ago and it reminded me of certain memories instead of my story. Other things were too defiant and I-got-this, which I usually love, but Ari didn’t have this. Maruko is even stronger than Hinoki. If she’s pretty hopeless against him, she’s really hopeless against the antagonist.

But then I found it. Final Battle. Something new, something fresh, something I’d never downloaded before. And it was beyond perfect. So perfect I was dancing and humming while outlining!

Don’t laugh.

Okay, fine, I burst out laughing, too. I promise I’m 14, though I do realize I look 9. And yes, I was wearing a different outfit earlier today.

The point is that the song was perfect for my Climax scenes. Moving on.

“I’m going to give you a chance to stop hunting me down before I ensure that you’ll never be able to.”

Maruko is casual. “Oh, but I know you. You’re not the type to kill. You failed the assassination out of pure will.”

Ari clenches her jaw. “It would have been murder.”

“There’s about to be another one.”

Ari pulls her sword from her sheath. “It’s not going to be mine.”

How is this scene vital to the plot? ARE YOU KIDDING MEEE IT’S THE CLIMAX.

Dilemma: Does he accept the offer? Physical signs of him feeling tempted and under pressure. Sweat. This is killing him.

Decision: But Maruko is also killing Ari.



Maruko holds his hand out and shakes his head, gasps for breath escaping through his gritted grin. “No. Let her bleed to death right here.”

“Medics! Where are my medics? I need medics right now! She has minutes to live!”

Can’t spoil anymore. Not that it wasn’t already totally obvious she doesn’t die. Protagonists rarely die.

After the Climax scenes, I had to abruptly change my music into something softer to fit the AWWWWness of the Resolution, so I chose another one of Hinari’s theme songs: Light Up (Yachtclub. Remix) by MUTEMATH.


And just like that, in ten days, fifty scenes were outlined, twenty-seven thousand words were written, and three thousand questions were answered.


Why, I’m so glad you asked! Before you go, here’s what I’ll be doing next:

(I have two e-books to read for research, too.)


Were you part of the poor group that beta-read the third draft of Loyalty Book I back in March and April? I hope to God you were not.

I’m so sorry you had to read that unresearched mess. (Not to mention it wasn’t outlined, had no plot at all, no theme, purpose, point, and no character arcs.) If by any chance you want to beta-read Warfare Book I come May 2018, I can promise you a thoroughly researched novel.

Remember the logical method I use to kick writer’s block’s butt? Because of what the plot requires, this is a re-imagination of the Edo period in Japan. I got super frustrated during writing my scene outline because I knew this is wrong, these characters aren’t historically supposed to be here, this isn’t historically what they did. I lost my motivation for continuing the scene outline because of all the problems.

But never fear, logic is here! I quickly used my third method of kicking writer’s block’s butt and typed up my problems and what I needed to do to fix them. ^ (I repeated what you see above with shinobi, too.) Whew! With my mind at ease, I could relax and continue with my plot and scene outline.

Only now I actually have to read and research and answer all those questions to fix the problems, which is much easier said than done.


Make that all the time.

Love you and am praying for you today!