It’s actually quite short.

Ever stuck and don’t know what to do in life? Just think of what the devil would want you to do and do the exact opposite.

The devil would never want you to choose joy despite the circumstances. He wants you to be a delicate, incapacitated, weak-minded Christian slammed by the circumstances of life getting your butt kicked and slapped upside the head every which way, completely oblivious to the authority available to you. DO THE OPPOSITE.

The devil would never want you to bring glory to God and represent the Kingdom of Heaven in the gifts and talents He’s blessed you with. He’d want you to take all the glory for yourself and play the world’s game, getting a kick out of watching your life spiral downwards. DO THE OPPOSITE.

The devil would never want you to believe God for big things and live out the epic life-changing destiny He has for you. If you believe in God at all, the devil wants you to put Him in a teeny-tiny box and think small all of your days and totally miss out on the epicness He’s called you to. DO THE OPPOSITE.

The last thing in the world the devil wants for you is to follow the plan and calling of God on your life. The devil wants you to follow what everyone else is doing, play the world’s game and live a life far from the incredible devil butt-kicking purpose God has for you. DO THE OPPOSITE.

The devil so desperately wants you to get your identity confused. He doesn’t want you to know who you are in Christ Jesus. Depression? Low self-esteem? Insecurity? He’d be more than happy if you’d oblige him with those lies from the pit of hell. DO THE OPPOSITE.

The devil wants us to be insecure and always concerned about what others think about us serving God. The devil wants to destroy our relationship with God by telling us we’re not good enough or Jesus doesn’t love us. If we believe in Jesus at all, the devil wants us to make Christianity just another religion packed full with cheesy Christian mantras and overbearing rituals. And the devil is all about distracting us from what truly matters in the long run. DO THE OPPOSITE, because God’s made four EPIC things available to us wrapped up in an acronym of FIRE.

An offense is an attempt from the devil to make us stumble (sin). There’s always an opportunity to deal with offense wrongly, and the devil is more than happy when we take it, succeeding in gossip, drama, and creating bitterness in our hearts. DO THE OPPOSITE.

Fear comes from the devil to try to keep you living in that fear and afraid to do what God has called you to do or live the victorious life that God has for you. The devil wants you to stay in bondage and anxiety and never have any peace. DO THE OPPOSITE.

Every time we open our mouths, we can either praise or complain. When we do praise, we release words into the atmosphere that the devil can’t stand. The devil would love for us to rehash the negativity of life’s circumstances instead of thanking God for all He’s brought us through and all He’s helped us overcome. DO THE OPPOSITE.

We were born for this hour, made to plunder hell and populate Heaven. This is our time to kick the devil’s butt and do great damage to the kingdom of darkness. You can’t make an impact living under the radar. It’s time to get loud, be bold, shake the world for Jesus, transform our generation and kick the devil’s butt. We have the victory.

What’s your favorite way to kick the devil’s butt? What would you add?

P.S. I’ve been gone at a resort at the beach all weekend, otherwise there would’ve been a personal-type post about plotting my novel or something. I took this picture of my view from the balcony of the condo, though. ☺️ Wow that’s such an accomplishment Madi


P.P.S. That is why I haven’t responded to comments / emails / commented on posts lately.


P.P.P.P.S. Of course I’m blogging about traveling! Do you even have to ask?

P.P.P.P.P.S. That means I will continue to be slightly inactive online. ? Thou shalt throweth no more of thy rotten tomatoes at me, please.

P.P.P.P.P.P.S. I’m not exactly sure when we’ll be back. Who knows what kinds of doors God might open? My plans are to be back by the beginning of July, though. I don’t believe I’ll be breaking entirely, but posts should be less frequent. Not that they were frequent at ALL beforehand hahahah we don’t need to mention that

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