I am so glad you came here today! You can learn more about me, Madi, by clicking here. If you’d like to learn more about this blog, read on!


After blogging about my hobby of doll collecting for four years, I began to pursue the desire of starting a personal site as well. I chewed on the idea for months, thinking about what I would post and what I would name a new personal blog.

When I finally presented the idea to my parents in late January of 2017, my dad was surprised. He always knew by the Holy Spirit that I was going to start a personal blog, but he didn’t realize I was going to want to do it so soon.

A few weeks later at the dinner table, I asked my mom and dad, “When do you think I can start my blog?”

With the answer of “Oh, whenever you want,” I purchased the domain name madigrace.org that night of February 7, 2017, then publicly launched a few weeks later on March 2.

The name “Madi Grace” is a unique nickname I made for myself (from my first and middle names, Madison Grace). It’s the root name of my ministry, Madi Grace Ministries. Madi Grace Ministries is a division of Power of God World Outreach.


In a few words and to steal my own tagline, Madi Grace is about chronicling the life of a professional devil butt-kicker. I share my daily life, hobbies, travels, and more as an undefeated ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven and minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who believes the devil is under my feet and won’t give him a place in my life.

Around early 2016, I realized I didn’t want to wait until I had graduated Bible college or received a license to become a minister. I wanted to be a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ right now. And the great thing about 2 Corinthians 5:18 is that there are no age restrictions.

Now all things are of God, who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus Christ, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation.

If you’re a born-again believer, you’re called to the ministry of bringing others to the phenomenal love of Jesus Christ.

I post a lot about my journey to becoming an author, so writing posts are pretty frequent. I believe strongly in creating excellent moral fiction and that Christians should not be producing cheesy, second-rate entertainment. We’re pointing to Jesus; what are we pointing to Him with, trash or excellency?

In addition to my life and hobbies, I also post the videos I make on my (soon-to-come but not released yet!) Madi Grace YouTube channel, an online video ministry to teens about how they’re ministers of the Gospel at whatever age they are. And of course; encouraging them to kick the devil’s butt in their everyday lives, too. 💪

I don’t post sweet little heartfelt, politically-correct messages to please the crowd and tickle people’s ears. Regardless of my follower count or F-bomb persecution (seriously, it’s happened twice), I love to challenge people’s faith as well as my own and encourage people to rise up and be the devil butt-kickers they’re called to be! My theology is based solely on the Word of God, and I can’t do that without offending self-righteous, snarky people.

My blog is specially designed to irritate religious devils. If you’re reading this at total peace and don’t get offended at the Word of God I share, we know you’re fine. If not, the unfollow button is right over there for your convenience. I don’t force anybody to stay. 😉

That said, anybody’s welcome here at Madi Grace! I’m not a “faith” blog for Christians only. That’s freaking ridiculous.

I’m so glad you came and survived this page. Most would be scared off by now. 😏 I love you and pray for you every day, and thanks for visiting Madi Grace!