Hey! I’m Madi. I love adventure. Welcome to Adventure in the Air.

I’m from my other blogs you may have heard of: Delightful World of Dolls, Life Undefeated, and Madison Grace (Author). If you don’t know me, I’m an 18-year-old blogger, writer, doll collector, and minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is my personal blog, where I share everything that wouldn’t make sense to share on my other themed blogs. Yes, it’s a lot of blogs. I’d bet today’s royalties I’ve been blogging longer than you; I can have four blogs if I want. ;D

For all my seven years of blogging, I’ve taken care to have “professional”, reader-oriented blogs. When I started my second blog, a personal and ministry blog, I felt its focus shifting more towards ministry and less of a personal thing.

I started an author blog to remedy that, but that needs to stay “professional”, too, for a future editor to look at when I pitch a proposal. (I’m a future bestselling author.)

So, at long last, I decided to create my fourth blog, using the URL I had originally chosen for my personal + ministry blog (which is now lifeundefeated.org).

Anything and everything can happen at this stream-of-conscious personal blog, and probably will.

Whether I share my life philosophies, writing, photography, or whatever, I just want to say one thing throughout this blog: life is beautiful. Life is an adventure.

Please take time to listen to my favorite song in the whole world by my favorite artist. ♥

♪ life is black and blue, happy then it’s sad / but if you call it an adventure then it ain’t so bad / together we touch the sky / wherever we go we fly / forever we know adventure’s in the air tonight / our dreams will come alive ♪

Feel free to introduce yourself below if we have similar interests. I love meeting new people or getting to know friends better. ?