Today is the Day

3,125 people died this last hour. A total of 75,000 people are going to die today. 75,000 people are going to die tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that. How many of them are going to Heaven? How many of them are going to hell? There is no time to waste. Jesus [...]

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Paul: Apostle of Christ Movie Review

On Friday, I went to see the recent film Paul: Apostle of Christ. I thought a Christian teen's perspective on the movie would be interesting in case you're deciding whether or not to see it for yourself. Paul: The Apostle of Christ sets the story in motion with Luke wanting to write down the words of [...]

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Check It Out >> Bekah’s Interview of Me

It was a dark and stormy night... Wait, no it wasn't. It was just dark and humid. And it wasn't night, it was morning. Trying that again. It was a dark and humid morning... I was up at an early hour... writing answers to questions that shall appear nowhere else but on Questionable Tortoise Couture! [...]

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The Great Commission: Not the Great Suggestion

Almost 2000 years after Jesus instructed His followers to reach the entire world, we still haven't done it. 40% of the world is still unreached—and it's not only because most Christians don't have the guts to share Jesus, but also because most of them don't even know that they should. Every single day, over 75,000 unreached people die [...]

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