Merry Christmas from Me

Wait, what? December 25th already? KABLAMMY WHAMMY WOAH. It's here. Can you believe it? 'Cause I can't. some of these photos were actually taken last Christmas, and I was dreaming of a personal blog to put them on, so now I'm fulfilling that aww sniff sniff If you're anything like me, you put an importance [...]

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Now Introducing the New Warfare WIP Page

I haven't slept in 33 and a half hours. I've had enough caffeine equivalent to three large cups of coffee and pulled an all-nighter. I'm no more insane than I usually am, though. 😏 I was also able to schedule two posts, finish the last 10k of research organization, give names and descriptions to all my nameless characters, and solve [...]

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Annihilate Your Research with These 10 Awesome Tips

Why am I posting about research in December? Everyone is either celebrating their win of NaNoWriMo, finishing their novels, editing them, or can't-even-bear-to-look-at-them. Nobody's researching anything. My timing is the best, I know. ^ I finished my scene outline on the 18th, and now the weeks ahead of me promise days of perusing through my list of research [...]

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No More Identity Crisis for Madi Grace!

Ahh, I'm so relieved. Allow me to explain. Ever since Madi Grace existed, it always had an identity crisis. Nobody knew what would be shoved down their throat next: writing snippets or undefeated Christianity. I just couldn't part with my passion for sharing God's Word in a unique way. ... Just like I couldn't part with sharing [...]

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Starlight and Sunshine

GOOD MORNING. Ever heard of Josie from Josie on the Go? If you haven't, you've been living under a rock. How dare you. But that no longer matters, because I'm enlightening you in the fact that she is now Josie from Starlight and Sunshine, a beautiful new blog of hers that is releasing TODAY. Because she's [...]

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