Awww, it means so much that my blogging friends are interested in my personal life and have followed! I thought only about 13 would be interested enough. You guys make me happy. ?

For the few followers I have never met that somehow found this… sup. As you can probably tell, I’m not following a blogging schedule here, it’s just literally whatever I want to post whenever I want to post it… so thanks for sticking around.

I’ve been making these little quote graphics, some Canva and some my own design, over the year and haven’t posted most of them publicly so wanted to give them to y’all. Just as a cute little gift because you rock. ?

This is a link to a page with random quote graphics. Before you accuse me of trying to grow an email list, a) I don’t even have one here and b) this is literally an open page and anyone can get them follower or not so CHILL BRO I JUST WANT TO GIVE OUT SOMETHING FUN.

All right, I’m out. I hope to post a November Adventures thing at the end of November. Bye bye. ?

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving! I don’t really care for this holiday (food sensitivities make eating hard) and prefer to just be grateful every day, but if you love it, go stuff your face with that pie like there’s no tomorrow, dude. ?