GOOD EVENING WONDERFUL HUMANS. Sit down, pull up a chair, and have a cupcake with Zielle and I. ?

Madi: sits in chair excitedly waiting for Zielle

Zielle: runs /skips into the room Hi!

Madi: stands up and excitedly hugs Zielle YAY, you’re here! How are you?

Zielle: hugs Madi back It’s so good to see you!! I’m so great, how are you?

Madi: It’s so good to see you too! I’m great—I made cupcakes to celebrate your new bloggy! Would you like one?

Zielle: Ooh thank you so much! I would love one. By the way, I love your house!

Madi: Thanks so much! Would you like to sit down? I have these armrest-chairs so comfy you may fall asleep. offers cupcake

Zielle: smiles and sits down Wow, these are comfy. I love the maroon colour. It matches my blog! takes cupcake Thank you!

Madi: sits down Maroon is one of my favorite colors! Ooh, really? I haven’t seen your blog theme yet! Can you show me a picture of the design?

Zielle: Really? That’s so cool! I love the design, it was actually designed by Mukta! shows you a photo | takes a bite of the cupcake This is amazing!

Madi: Oh my goodness, it look amazing. She did a fantastic job! What does Write in the Dark mean? And thanks — it was my second time making cupcakes myself. laughs

Zielle: She did, didn’t she? grins That’s a great question! Write in the Dark is a play on words for Light in The Dark! And plus, I love writing. laughs Well, you did a really good job! smiles

Madi: Oh, I love that! And I love writing too. grins and thumbs up Will you be posting any of your writing on your blog? And thanks!

Zielle: I sure will post some! Maybe not everything, but there will be some snippets. At least, once I have a set work in progress. laughs and sinks into the chair Ooh this is nice.

Madi: Oh, I can’t wait! I remember reading your writing on your old blog and loved it. Speaking of which, will you delete your old blog or nah? And oh yes, giggles these are super comfy.

Zielle: Aw, thank you! I don’t think I will delete it. I love looking back at my old posts, even if the majority of them are cringey. laughs

Madi: Old posts are the best to look back on! Except maybe the cringey ones. laughs

Zielle: laughs as well They are! Can you recall one of your cringiest old posts? I think the majority of mine were cringey.

Madi: I remember this one post where I wanted to talk about my teeth getting pulled out… on my doll blog. And also post a bunch of random selfies I somehow tied into the post so people could see what I looked like. laughs I remember really liking your posts! What kinds of posts will you post on your new blog?

Zielle: Oh dear! laughs I feel like I remember reading a post about something like that on your doll blog before. laughs again Aw, again, that’s very sweet! I’ve always loved reading your post, I always get some kind of enjoyment and inspiration from them. ? On my new blog, I will be posting writing snippets (as mentioned before), life posts which include posts about my faith, writing and teenage life. ?

Madi: laughs Aww, thank you so much! And I literally can’t wait for those posts — they sound amazing and I love lifestyle stuff. How will they differ from your old blog, if at all?

Zielle: Thanks again! That’s a good question! They won’t differ much, but I’ll be talking a lot less about homeschool since I’ll be heading off to public school next year.

Madi: Oh, wow! Are you excited or nervous for public school?

Zielle: Both! I’m very excited to be able to have this experience, but also nervous. I’ve met all my teachers and they’re all pretty good which is great! It’s a massive school, though!

Madi: Oh my goodness, that sounds insane! I’m so nervous for you, but I bet you’ll do absolutely amazing. Will you be blogging about that, too?

Zielle: It is!! It’s so exciting, though! Yes, I will be blogging about the transition and my survival. XD

Madi: laughs Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to read about that. I hope you’ll have a great time transitioning — and of course, surviving! What’s the URL so I can visit it?

Zielle: grins I can’t wait to write about it! Thanks, Madi! smiles Oh can’t forget that! The URL is

Madi: I can’t wait for its launch! I’ll be one of your first followers. grins Have you posted on it yet or nah?

Zielle: Aw thanks!! I have made one post welcoming you guys to the blog, but that’s about it! ?

Madi: Yay!! I can’t wait for all your posts! Thanks so much for coming. hugs Zielle

Zielle: Aw, thanks for inviting me over! I always love chatting with you. returns hug

Madi: Come over anytime — and best of luck with your new blog!!

Zielle: Thank you so much!! stands up

Madi: Want some cupcakes to go? XD

Zielle: grins Yes please!!

Madi: grins and gives her a nice case of cupcakes

Zielle: grins and takes the cupcakes Thank you! opens the front door and exits I hope to see you soon! Thanks, again!

Madi: come over anytime! waves


So, if you know me, you know that I don’t do blog tours. Except just this one time, ‘cause I can break my own rules!

I wanted to do something really fun and unique, and also do a collab with someone because I have this fun little random blog and why not?

So I had a little chat over cupcakes and comfy couches with the lovely Zielle about her lovely new blog. Which you should check out right there because Zielle is an extremely sweet person and amazing blogger. ?

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Thanks for joining our cupcake chat, and Write in the Dark don’t forget to check out Zielle’s new blog for your next favorite blog post reading material.

And have an extra cupcake for your day! ?

P.S. I’m traveling right now! ✈️ You should’ve seen my giddy excitement on the plane—I’m sure people were thinking “… is this her first time flying” but no pal, I just get excited about the turbulence and scenery and adventure ?

P.P.S. Featured image not mine. It’s a screenshot from an video. I’ll upload my own cupcake picture I have when I get back to my home computer. ?

P.P.P.S. Picture uploaded now. I took it February 2017. ♥