I say summer dreams instead of summer goals, because my goals are my dreams to me.

What’s up, everyone?

Rhetorical question. You can’t answer.

It’s 4:55 AM and I have not been able to fall asleep tonight. That’s right, I just pulled an all-nighter. I just came off a voice chat with my friends in the lovely Pentecostal Youth Discord server but still can’t sleep.

So I figured, what better way to make use of my time than work on my collab post with Clara?

Today I’m sharing with you my goals for this summer.

Now, if you know me, you know that I freaking LOVE summer.

Summer is my favorite season, the time for projects, the time for adventures, the time for you to live an amazing life!!! SUMMER IS THE BOMB OK.

So what’s stopping me from having the best summer of my life every freaking year?! Health issues. If, and only if, I can get my health issues under control in time for summer, I’ll be legit so pumped.

Here are my summer goals that I will hopefully embark on starting June 21!

Come back to Delightful World of Dolls

For those of you who don’t know, I run a doll blog called Delightful World of Dolls, and it’s honestly my greatest success in life.

Feedspot awarded me one of the top 100 doll blogs on the internet, my YouTube channel reached 6,500 subs and my most popular video is almost at a million views, and I could hardly be happier with what I’ve been able to do through it.

But two years ago when my health crashed, I had to stop blogging. And it’s been heartbreaking to be away from my passion for so long. My health is still not all the way back, but if it gets better by the time summer comes, I’m coming back to DWOD and gonna hit it harder than I ever have before.

Finish Warfare’s structure, scene outline, and research

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been working on a novel for four years called Warfare.

Read more about Warfare here.

This summer, I want to finish my novel’s structure, its scene outline (for the fifth draft!), and its historical research. I’ll need to have these things finished by October, since that’s when I apply the research and prep for NANOWRIMO EEEEEEEEE.

Have the best summer vacation of my life

This, more than anything, rides on my health recovering. If it doesn’t recover, I can’t have the summer vacation of my dreams. But if it DOES…


Not kidding. Summer vacation will involve flying to Texas and seeing my best friends and Camp NaNo, and even after vacation is over, my spiritual brother from Thailand is flying to visit us. We’re going to go on a trip to a beach resort or something similar and ride rollercoasters. If my health improves, life could literally not get any better than these things.

Summer — oh, summer. Watermelon and hot weather and swimming and music and adventures and conferences and best friends and snowcones and starry nights and more.


If I’m not, I’ll just crawl into a hole, die, and drown my sorrows and broken dreams in candy :’)

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