I turn 18 in a few weeks and whoa, slow down time, take it easy will you?

Anyway, a few of my friends have been asking what I want for my birthday this year, so I thought I’d put together this list instead of forgetting everything!

This is NOT a passive-aggressive “hint hint my birthday is coming up” kind of thing—I just wanted to put this together for anyone out there wondering!

I mean if you’re my parents though and you’re reading this, then yes take this as a hint-hint

This is basically just kind of a wishlist of things I desire to acquire one of these days, hopefully by the day of my birth.


I really don’t need a single thing, I truly love just living life and my many incredible blessings already. But I think my life would be complete if I just had some scrunchies. All I have is this really old weird black one.

I am CONSTANTLY trying to get some but it never works out. I really want scrunchies in solid, deep colors, like maroon, white, navy, gray, silver, bold yellow, bold pink, etc. A scrunchie bow or scrunchie scarf would be so cute too.

Fairy lights

I LOVE THEM SO SO MUCH. I only have one string of fairy lights, but I adore them, and I want to get more so I can decorate my whole room with them!

Pura Vida bracelets or necklaces

(picture from Pura Vida’s website)

I LOVE Pura Vida bracelets so so much. And I also really want this sunflower necklace choker of theirs. Or literally anything from them.

Ninja wall decals

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with ninja. Why else have I been writing historical fiction about them for the past five years?

Silver hair cuff hairband

Like this silver hair cuff looks so cute and elegant and snazzy. It would make my plain ponytails actually cute.

Black, simple, but modern epic-looking sunglasses that aren’t too big for my face

Why can’t I find these?!?! A swag gal like me needs sunglasses to sassily slide down her nose at her enemies, you know?!

A bunch of really specific doll clothes from Etsy, so an Etsy gift card would be pog

(pog/poggers = gamer speak for “awesome”)

Specific things from American Girl so an AG gift card works

Or American Girl books. I love American Girl books.

Literally ANYTHING IN THE WORLD that is adventure themed or has the word “adventure” on it

I am obsessed with adventure (this blog is proof) and I will buy anything—journals, pens, shirts, bags, posters—that is adventure themed or has the word “adventure” on it. Also mountain icons because mountains are like the symbol of adventure!

Okay, that’s it fam!

It’s been quite a while since my last post and I really, really need to update you on how I survived the Texas record-breaking winter storm, where I’m at in life, what I’ve been up to, also it’s SUMMER and I have an entire summer bucket list I have to post?? Yeah it’s been crazy.

But yes, there you have it, random things I desire for the day of my birth. Do you like any of these things I’ve listed? How similar are our birthday wishlists?



IT’S SUMMER! SUMMER IS THE BEST!!! Yes I’m living it up!!!