Y’ALL THOUGHT I FORGOT. But I didn’t. *demented laughter*

International Ninja Day is on December 5, and like the mature person I am, I dressed up and took a photoshoot, and my buddy Olive did it with me! Here are my photos, but don’t forget to go see hers (linked at the bottom after mine cuz mine are clearly more important)

We’re just going to pretend that this is taken in ancient Japan and not on my front porch.

I went filter crazy and used a few different filters throughout editing but I loved each different effect so who cares. XD

You don’t know how many tries it took to get the poses right for these. Especially using the self timer on my iPhone and with no tripod (IMPROVISE, ADAPT, OVERCOME)

Last year I used an actual camera but this year I just used my iPhone because it was easier and dang, the camera on it is honestly really good.

So for the outfit, I used:

  • Black long sleeve shirt
  • Black elbow-sleeve cardigan
  • Black leggings
  • Black stretchy fabric for the mask (just a rectangular strip tied in the back, I don’t look the hood look, my hair is TOO FAB)
  • Red strips of fabric for the criss-cross designs on the arms and legs and the sash/weapon belt
  • Black gloves with the fingers half cut off that my sister gave me (ily sis)
  • Black ankle boots with these really cool chains on the side

For the weapons, I found a DIY origami kunai knife tutorial (YouTube it) and then used a silver Sharpie to make ’em silver. Then I wrapped red strips of fabric around the handles cuz cool. I used my brother’s nunchucks too but didn’t take a lot of photos of those — I wrapped them in black fabric and the connecting part in red fabric.

For hair I just straightened it. Halfway through the shoot, I pulled it into a half-up bun and stuck my sister’s chopsticks in there.

For makeup I used a lot of eyeliner and black eyeshadow. My brother took one look at and burst out laughing at me and said I look goth. *cries* please no

I have no idea what an American flag is doing in ancient Japan so don’t ask me!

This one iPhone editing option in Portrait mode will make your photos look like they were taken in a studio so I did that then added a filter.

This is one of my FAVORITES… I have a bunch of different poses like this.






Bad editing job but still cool ngl

I feel like the proportions on this are weird but I can’t figure them out : (

ANYWAY, Happy International Ninja Day! I’m a historical fiction author and have been writing about ninja for over four and a half years now and I just can’t help but be a geek :’) Why are they SO cool???

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Okay, now go check out my buddy Olive’s ninja photoshoot before you taste my DIY origami kunai knife.