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The Great Commission: Not the Great Suggestion

Almost 2000 years after Jesus instructed His followers to reach the entire world, we still haven't done it. 40% of the world is still unreached—and it's not only because most Christians don't have the guts to share Jesus, but also because most of them don't even know that they should. Every single day, over 75,000 unreached people die [...]

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27 Benefits of Dressing Modestly

I recently guest-posted over at Melani's blog Reflections of the Heart! The idea for this post has been brewing in my heart for a long time and it's such an honor to see it on Melani's amazing blog. Here's a little excerpt; it would mean the world to me if you would check out the [...]

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Why Depressing Songs and Poetry About Emotional Pain Will Only Make It Worse

One in six Americans take antidepressants. They're some of the most popular drugs in the United States. Because people know pain is real. Problems are real. But does that mean we should glorify them? Listen to music and poetry all about them? Fill our hearts and minds with a spirit of depression? "Express our emotions" [...]

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What’s the Truth?

Oprah recently said a statement along the lines of "share your own truth." But there is only one Truth. The world is full of people "sharing their own truths." Many demonic agendas are trying to take over. How do we know what to believe? How do we know what's true? I'm begging to be pinned, [...]

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