*waves to the haters that are still on my blog for some reason*


Welcome to my everyday life that the world has recently discovered is called “quarantine”.


For the past two years I’ve been stuck to my house with sickness, and I’m homeschooled anyway, so being quarantined at home has not effected my life.

Except maybe the fact that we are now rationing one-ply toilet paper and the skin on my hands stings badly due to overuse of alcoholized soap.

Anyway, I’ve lived most my life at home, and believe me when I tell you that I have ADVENTURES. In my own house. Yes. They’re lit.

Learn to enjoy this thing called quarantine, frens, or you’re gonna be one miserable enchilada.

But 103949020 completely different life topics aside, I share with you today some of my best quarantine adventures!

The Snow Cone Truck

You’ve heard of the ice cream truck, but have you ever had a snow cone truck come down your neighborhood?

I heard the melody one day outside and my sister and I were like… is that an ice cream truck?

In the middle of coronavirus quarantine?

Down our calm neighborhood?

I told my brother and he vaulted the entire fence to sprint and catch up with the truck. Video below.

Click to watch video (safe link. Opens in another page but you’re still on this site, or it may just download the safe file to your computer)

Needless to say, we all got snowcones. Well, my brother got ice cream.

The Muslim That Fell In Love With Me

I can’t explain this adventure for the privacy of the person involved, so I’ll just leave y’all with that.

(Don’t worry, we’re not talking to each other anymore)

The Squad


The Prank Calls

One afternoon my brother and I decided to prank call people. And boy did we ever have at it.

My favorite ones include when my brother tried to order a gluten-free dairy-free tomato-free pizza, one where I pretended to be a rabid feminist upset at a men’s barber shop for not cutting women’s hair, and one where we called a fast food place and all we did when they answered the phone was scream and then hang up.

I’m cracking up just typing this. ?

The Great Charades

Behold the epic game of charades my siblings and I played outside while eating the snowcones. We acted out my crush at church, a refrigerator, Jason Bourne, and so much more.

Here is me being generally ridiculous.


On a completely random whim one Monday evening, my brother and I decided to bake cookies. So we did. And boy, did they ever turn out awesome. And the cookie dough is out of this world.

Secret ingredient? Anything made by Madi & Russ tastes AWESOME. Fact.

The Man at Walmart With the Dog

Before quarantine but when Walmart’s toilet paper shelves were bare, we shopped for stuff to stock up on and I saw this guy with a dog in the cart. I waited for him to get off the phone, then ran to him and asked to take a picture of his cute dog. Thank you, stranger!

Doctors Thought I Had Coronavirus

So I had to go to the doctor for a weird symptom that is apparently a coronavirus symptom. I didn’t have the virus, of course, but I had to come at a special coronavirus time where everyone else was a possible coronavirus carrier too, so I couldn’t accidentally affect the healthy people.

My Coronavirus Ninja Mask

My other doctor told me to wear a mask when I came to see him. I happily obliged, ninja style. Yes, I’m 16, and yes, I went out in public like this. Should you be worried about my maturity? Probably.

And that, my friends and enemies (why are y’all still on my blog?), is only a small taste of the adventures I have beheld!

Other adventures include sessions with my writing mentor, working on my writing, celebrating my brother’s birthday, annoying more doctors with all my problems, my pastor being arrested for having church, movie nights, making stonks memes, falling asleep on a sedative medication and not being able to remember waking up, my youth pastor visiting and bringing us candy, making music, uploading to my YT channel I haven’t touched in two years, making a fort in my bedroom, and being kicked off a platform with over four million downloads.

Rest assured, no matter how crazy the world gets, I’ll always be your feisty neighborhood contrarian. You’ll either hate me or love me for it!

Madi out.

P.S. Which one are you? Do you hate me or love me? Have you had any quarantine adventures? TELL ME ALL ABOUT THEM