(please ignore the double post: this is the correct post and please read it on the actual blog to avoid trouble!)

I spent a while floating in November, wishing it was over.

I’m going through a rough patch in my life, and November was one of the roughest months.

No one needs that negativity though. XD Because of course, happy or sad, November had its fair share of adventure. Welcome to its recap.

The DaSilva IV Lounge Trip Day ?

THIS DAY WAS SUCH A GOOD DAY. After the worst October of my life, November 1st was like a slice of sunshine in my dark pizza of life.

First, I had an appointment over phone call with my favorite functional medicine doctors, DaSilva Institute. I literally can’t recommend them enough. I LOVE THEM.

We decided to head down to Sarasota to get an IV because I was nutrient deficient in some areas, and my mood perked up by 10020394%.

Hour-long drive with musics to sunny Sarasota to go see my favorite doctor people ever and hang out in their relaxing lounge to get instant nutrition? SIGN ME UP.

They put together a custom drip for me and we hopped in the car.

From left to right in the collage above:

  • My mommy got me Dunkin’ ?
  • Pretty drive
  • More pretty drive
  • Sarasota IV Lounge ?
  • The cool vibey lounge
  • My happy face
  • My favorite artist Matthew Parker released a Christmas album this day (and one of my favorite bands LZ7 released a single!) and my dad bought the album for me, then my mom dropped me off at Starbucks (with another mocha frappe, of course) while I wrote down points for an upcoming post and listened and drank.

A good day, and a pleasant start to November.

My Doll Blog’s 7-Year Anniversary

This happened on November 4. I’ve been in the blogging business for a full seven years now; isn’t that insane?

This day was a good day. I sat in the car blasting Dance with Ya by Judah & The Lion and replying to comments from my amazing blogging friends.

I miss my doll blog more than anything, and I want to come back literally as soon as I can handle it. I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP ON IT. I promise. I want to come back with all my heart, and I will as soon as possible.

For now, though, you’ll just have to put up with these ranty posts. :o)

Obsessive Starbucks Trips

My dad downloaded the Starbucks app on my phone, and… the amount paid for all the salted caramel mocha frappes I’ve consumed in the past month can only be described by the screaming that is coming from the card.

Since 2016, my favorite had actually been just the regular mocha frappucino. But then the drive thru guy messed up on our order and we ended up getting a free venti salted caramel frappe.

I… fell in love.

Although a bit reluctant to part with my loyal mocha frappe and admit my new favorite, I decided to get salted caramel instead one time and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I get it with almond milk since I’m sensitive to dairy, but I leave the whip on there as a little cheat treat. ?

(I’m technically sensitive to sugar too, but Starbucks’s sugar-free/skinny chocolate flavor was horrible and I am never doing that again. :’))

I know Starbucks was super rude to Christians (which is why my mom prefers Dunkin’), but when a place does coffee right… you just gotta hand it to them.

Also my dream is to write my novel sitting in Starbucks with my laptop and earbuds and salted caramel mocha lkjfnsalfdj ?

Obsessive Panda Express Trips

Literally right next to our Starbucks is a Panda Express. Almost every time we went to Starbucks in November, we went to Panda Express, too.

To get one of my favorite foods: TERIYAKI CHICKEN. I could eat my weight in that.

For a fast food place, they make some mean teriyaki sauce! I always get extra.

I’m just hoping there’s not gluten in it but there probably is. *quickly prays over teriyaki sauce*

Just in case anyone was wondering, this post is not sponsored by Starbucks or Panda Express. It is sponsored by my LOVE FOR FOOD.

Do I really take pictures of my food that often? Lol, yes. When you have as many food sensitivities as I do, the next time you go on a strict diet, you will make these delicious foods your wallpaper in hope that one day when you’re better you’ll eat it again.

I’m savoring these moments while they last, y’all. The stock picture of Chick-fil-A chick-n-minis are still my laptop background to keep me going until the next time I can eat gluten.

It’s not torture, it’s… hope. :’)

Nighttime Rides

So, you’ve heard me say it before… LIFE IS HARD RIGHT NOW. Can I take a spaceship to Mars and like, never return? Thanks. Or how about a grenade to blow my problems to smithereens? That would be even better.

When everything gets too overwhelming and I panic, my mom takes me for a nighttime drive. We drive up and down the state road and I look at all the pretty, familiar city sights while playing my loudest Christian rap music. I have the bass in our car turned all the way up.

I like having competitions with any other car playing (probably bad) rap, so I’ll roll my window down and turn it up. CHRISTIAN RAP FOR THE WIN! >:D

I was battling against one car as we drove and then we both stopped at a red light literally right next to each other, and it was glorious. You already know who won.


So these nighttime rides calmed me down during November with a safe, cozy place to relax. And also dominate the world one rap battle at a time.

Launching Adventure’s in the Air

So, I had it in my mind to start a personal, post-whatever-crap-I-want blog.

I started a free little WordPress.com blog, but then I got the opportunity to have a free custom domain.

I’m taking advantage of that, but until I’m 100% sure about the name, I’m using the URL I had originally chosen for my ministry blog.

When I purchased the new domain for my ministry, lifeundefeated.org, I made madigrace.org and any of its links forward to that. But now that people are used to lifeundefeated.org, my dad suggested canceling the redirect and just using this domain as my blog until I get a custom one.

I explained all of that way better in my first post but there you go. XD

Anyway, it’s been great. Finally having a non-pro blog to post on is really good for giving me a break from my problems without the pressure of having it be my mini-job, which I absolutely love with all of my heart, but just can’t right now.

So yeah, thanks for following. We’re at 30 followers right now (minus me; I only follow so that I can see what my posts look like in the WP Reader too). Maaan, thanks guys. You’re a blessing. YOU ARE SPECIAL BECAUSE YOU MAKE ME HAPPY.

I have permission to post this photo of them so you can relax. Photo credit to Clara’s brother! From left to right: me, Laura, Clara.

Meeting Clara and Laura


I met some of my best blogging friends ever, Clara from Clara & Co and her sister Laura from Lula Boo. Their entire family came down to Florida for one of their dad’s shows, and they kindly took an hour or two out of their return trip to meet us at Disney Springs.

IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER. One person told me afterward that I was on a high from it. XD

For 15 minutes at Disney Springs I searched faces back and forth in the crowd, and when I finally saw them, I squealed “they’re here!” to my mom. Then I broke into a run toward them, greeting them with a giant hug. 😀

We had such an epic time, laughing hysterically over hot chocolate (well I got a mocha because caffeine >:D) and playing our favorite Q&A game and just hanging out.

I definitely did not hug Clara like, 50 times when we had to go. XD

*hugs the entire memory happily* THAT WAS JUST THE BEST TIME EVER, and I’ll never forget it. Clara and Laura are the kindest souls ever and I love them, go follow their amazing blogs ^ if you don’t already!!!

Highlight of my November for sure. ?

Forcing Myself to Be Productive

I started going through my rough time this year in May, and I haven’t gotten out of it since. As it grew unbearably worse, I slowly pulled back on life until I stopped blogging again or making any goals for the day. Some days I just want to stay in bed and cry and give up.

But I’m trying to get back into life in an attempt to hopefully climb out of my rough time, too.

So, the day after I met Clara and Laura, I started my new mission.

I force myself to slap some makeup on even when I don’t feel like it; brush my hair where I previously wouldn’t care; get up on time, do school, and make goals for the day; have a good time with God; and actually exercise like a good human being.

It’s tough, forcing myself to do things I don’t feel like doing, but it’s also my jam. I’m all about being hardcore. So I just… make myself suffer. ?

And I’ve been somewhat productive.

Posted on my ministry blog for the first time in months, take that satan. And I actually work out on an elliptical machine now and am re-stretching for the splits? Also I have made an effort to do a fun thing with a friend?

I guess I’m doing pretty good. If only I could start to feel good again too, in my mind.

Anxiety stuff. :o(

My Greatest Discovery in Life



I hate those boring mainstream CCM radio stations but I HAVE FOUND MY TRUE LOVE HERE. Christian rap for the win. *sobs happily*

That is all I have to say.

The Mall Adventure

The Sunday after meeting Clara and Laura, my brother had a Fortnite meetup at a mall about an hour away from us.

I came along and got Starbucks (of course) while he hung out with his friends. I also went shopping at H&M and got three really cute shirts. Now that I think about it I could’ve saved money if I had gone on Black Friday… now THAT would’ve been an adventure. 😮

But either way, it was really fun. I loved striding through crowds of people in a big reflective place (you know what I’m talking about? The shiny floors and everything?) with my church boots clicking sophisticatedly.

At the changing room in H&M, I kept going out to ask my mom if I still looked modest and God-honoring, like a woman of God, in my shirts. Right as I was talking… two Muslims walked in front of me. :’) I’m not ashamed, I just didn’t want to make them uncomfortable, loudly rambling about my Christian values. XD

Oh, I also had a shopping adventure before this in which I decided to go shopping with my mom on a whim in search of this blue sweatshirt I’ve been eying in my imagination. YAY SPONTANEITY, GOOD JOB MADI. And I don’t even like shopping that much.

Neighborhood Walks

My exercise includes walking-and/or-sometimes-jogging around the block. I’m familiar with some of the neighbors now, which I deserve points for as an unsocialized homeschooler.

I’m sure my neighbors have questions as I sing my worship songs out loud with my hands raised walking down the streets or as I challenge myself to walk in weird ways the whole time, but I just let them wonder.

The sunsets I see as I walk are really pretty. I’m in the habit of taking them now after Clara mentioned she takes sunset pictures!


Meh. I wasn’t too psyched about it this year, mostly because of my constant rough time.

I also had a mostly Paleo Thanksgiving, which wasn’t bad, but it didn’t help. XD

I’m grateful, though. I’m usually more grateful on other days than Thanksgiving… I already practice thankfulness a lot so this holiday wasn’t really like a catalyst for me or anything. At least I got gluten-free dinner rolls! 😀

This Month’s Favorite Music


My earbuds are breaking along with my heart. Sometimes my left earbud will go all staticy if the cord wiggles just right. D: PARENTS GET ME NEW ONES FOR CHRISTMAS PLEASE

Okay, my favorite songs this month were:

  • Dance With Me (feat. Faith Child) by LZ7
  • Mistletoe Meltdown by Matthew Parker
  • Dance With Ya by Judah & The Lion
  • The Long Way Home (feat. David Dunn) by Neon Feather
  • Freedom Tonight by Benjah
  • Go to Work by Benjah
  • Bring Me Down (feat. Matthew Parker) by Micah Ariss
  • In the Building (feat. Pyrexx) by Benjah
  • On My Momma (feat. Reconcile) by Benjah
  • Better Off by Benjah
  • Bold by Ledger
  • Prophesy Your Promise by Bryan & Katie Torwalt (very powerful worship song)
  • Fire Never Sleeps (with Martin Smith) by Jesus Culture
  • There’s Nothing (Like Knowing You) by Andre Gonzales
  • Fire Emoji by YB
  • Heaven Came Down by YB
  • Face Down by Benjah
  • Miss Me (Feat. Nicolina) by Benjah
  • Lioness by Beckah Shae
  • David (feat. Joey Vantes) by Jon Keith & Derek Minor
  • The Real Mystery by audioblocks.com
  • Private Mission by audioblocks.com
  • The Mission Finale by audioblocks.com
  • Soaring Through Space by audioblocks.com

If you check any of these out, you’re welcome for your new favorite music. *bows*

Monthly Reflections

This month… was good on the whole. More hard personal stuff happened that I’m not recapping because positivity is king, but yeah, it was a pretty rough November.

However, I’m proud of myself for forcing myself to be productive and take care of myself. Yes I used “myself” three times in the same sentence.

I wish time would stop because I feel like my life is slipping away from me while I can’t do my dreams during this rough time, so I’m honestly scared for December. I’m kind of bracing myself for another month just like this one.

But I know of course I’ve got the victory over it with Jesus. The only way to lose is to give up now, and I ain’t no quitter, nosireebob ?

December Goals

  • NOT HAVE A BAD DECEMBER. Positivity and time with Jesus and relaxation, I’m looking at you. Help me out here.
  • HAVE A GOOD TEXAS TRIP ADVENTURE. We’re flying (eeeek!) to Texas for a week to visit family and friends for Christmas, so that’s going to be adventurous. And also freezing cold. I don’t know if I’m ready, but I’m hardcore, so I’ll freeze my fingers off if I have to. 😀 (I was born a Texan but I’ve turned into a Florida girl. GIVE ME MY SUNSHINE AND PALM TREES AND WARMTH ALL YEAR LONG.)
  • No more goals, that’s all, thank you for reading.

If you actually read all of that without skimming, you and I are soulmates because I don’t know anyone else who would read 2,600 words of someone else’s November. :’) I LOVE YOU. *hugs*

Well… if you have anything to say after all those words, I’d be surprised. How was your November? Go ahead; the floor is yours.